Life is full of existential nightmares and crisis, which is why religion is so popular.

One particular existential issue that I love to explore (because why not) is the possibility that I am all that exists.

Hold on Jim, that’s ridiculous — take your meds!

But really, I have absolutely…

Excellent thank you.

I work with LGBT religious abuse and conversion attempt survivors, as well as general LGBT advocacy. This topic is of growing concern and I've been trying to get my head around it as here in New Zealand, we are about to present legislation banning all forms of SOGICE.

This is a really balanced perspective and I'm so glad that you've presented the nuances and fluididyt of it all.

I'll share this through my networks.

Awesome nature

The principles behind CORE Therapy

We all have spiritual “needs”, no matter what our beliefs are. Atheists even have these needs, but they are usually satisfied through accepting and immersing our minds with the awe of nature.

Scientific endeavours in the areas of quantum physics and the “philosophy of physics” are tackling the big questions…

Disclaimer — First up — I’m not Trans. I have absolutely no idea what it’s like. I have many Trans friends and colleagues and I exercise empathy with all my relationships — I actively try to put myself in their position to the best of my understanding. But I can…

There has always been “Christian mystics” through the centuries. They provide a powerful balance to the dogmatic literalist and fundamentalists that have inflicted horrific damage in this world.

But here’s something I’ve noticed over the last few years of studying and exploring all forms of spiritual experience.

All these Christian…

LGBT+ people have had to face the opinion that we are somehow broken, in need of fixing.

This extends into all areas of life, especially when religion is concerned.

We are taught that we are inherently sinful; that the mind is deceitful and can’t be trusted; that we must work…

For some time now, I’ve been quietly on a very deep and profound journey.

You see, I’ve struggled with my mental health all my life. The constant battle with being gay in an un-accepting world, turning to religion and all it promised to “cure” me. And on top of that…

Jim Marjoram

Ex-christian, gay man, bringing love and change to the world through practical mental health and spiritual practices.

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